Royal Caribbean has a room on all Quantum class ships call the Two70 room. This room offers 270 degree view off the stern of the ship over the water. The room is generally used as a lounge space with events that take place throughout the day. Our task was to create an AR adventure for guests when the room wasn’t being used. We created Expedition Two70.

  • Technology
  • Unity
  • ARKit
  • ARCore
  • React


We created 4 games that were built to specifically map to a physical location in the room.

Temple Raiser
A giant tower in the middle of the dance floor that raised up over 4 meters high – the objective was to guide a ball through a series of mazes to unlock the hidden treasure.

Summit Of Light
Players need to guide a beam of light through a mountain range by adjusting mirrors, this required them to find the correct angles to get to the next levels.

Ruin Blaster
Overlooking the Two70 room is an incredible balcony, in this game players had to shoot a number of targets floating in the air using a mounted crossbow.

Totem Recall
Throughout the space there are a number of walls and interesting features, we used those to create a portal to another world where users would have to play a version of Simon says to unlock the hidden treasure inside the world.


As players completed each game and level they unlocked a mask. When all games were complete you unlocked a final hidden game and scene with all of the masks. Users could also wear the masks in AR as a face filter.

Space & Scale

Since the goal for this project was to create experiences that mapped to the physical space we had to first take into account the actual space. We looked at the room and all of the interesting features to create games that would work well based on available play space and this also impacted the mechanics we used for each of the games.

The App

Royal Caribbean has existing iPhone & Android applications and our games needed to be bundled into that existing app. Using a similar approach to The Hunt we compiled the Unity Runtime into a static framework that used a Webview for the UI parts of the experience that was made using React. This allowed us to develop for both iOS and Android at the same time, and have shared functionality between the two platforms.

On the unity side we made use of Asset bundles to download each of the games on demand, this ensured that our experience was light weight and didn’t add too much extra bloat to the existing Royal App.

The games were translated into 4 languages and is now deployed around the world on all Quantum Class ships.

But wait, there’s more… 👀

Getting AR to work on a moving ship was quite the undertaking, and involved a lot of research on wave frequency and we created a solution using multiple AR anchors to keep the experiences grounded even when the ship was rocking in the middle of the ocean. I have a technical breakdown of how we built Two70 on Medium that you can read here.