The Hunt

Footlocker partnered up with Nike for the release of the new Lebron16 when he joined the Lakers. We were tasked with building an AR treasure hunt around the LA area where users had to visit a number of geo locations to unlock AR experiences ultimately leading to them being able to snag a pair of the limited release shoes.

  • Technology
  • Unity
  • ARKit
  • Swift
  • React

The App

Footlocker had an existing app already so our task was to create an experience that could be added to that app and activated when needed. The tricky part of this was that we didn’t have access to the codebase so we needed to create a solution that would make integrating our experience into their app easy.

The solution was to take the Unity runtime and compile it as a static framework that included a WKWebview and an API for integration, passing data between the existing application and our framework. Doing this meant that we could work independently in what we called the showcase application that was essentially a sandboxed version of the experience embedded inside another app for our testing.

Frontend UI

We used React for the frontend UI and activated Unity AR experiences when needed either via the web interface when a button was clicked or on a geo location event triggered by Gimbal + Urban Airship.

We decided to use web tech to drive the UI as we could easily develop the features independent of the development of the AR experience, and by combining a shared state manager in swift we were able to drive data into the react app. The app was bundled inside of the framework and was running a local server.

App UI

Unity & Gameplay

For the gameplay aspect we created abstract 3D objects that you had to walk around to find the correct angle to look at them to unlock and see the actual item. Each item got harder and harder as the game progressed finally resolving to the actual Lebron16 which got players the chance to get a pair of the limited release shoe.


Once players had completed all of the missions on The Hunt they wound up at the Santa Monica Footlocker store, there they had the final mission to complete – once complete they could get a pair of the limited release shoes. The event was so successful that over 200 pairs of shoes were claimed in under 2 hours!