Hidden In Plain Sight

For the release of the new NMD Adidas tasked us with reinventing the shoe drop. We created a webAR experience that could only be triggered via posters that were randomly distributed in cities around the US. These posters allowed those true sneaker heads to gain early access to the new kicks.

  • Technology
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • artoolkit
  • WebGL
  • Webpack

Reinventing The Drop

The goal was to change the way a shoe drop took place, typically people line up at stores and the supplies go fast and often to people who turn around and shell the shoes for a massive markup. We set out to change that.

Building on Artoolkit, we created a custom library that allowed users to go up to posters that were randomly placed around the US scan and unlock a webar experience that gave them the ability to purchase the shoe and enter into a contest to meet an influencer.


As we started to prototype and build for the project we looked at what existed for marker based WebAR experiences. AR.JS is a great library but was lacking some key features and had some performance issues.

I re-wrote the library from the ground up and integrated better with Artoolkit to expose more control, performance improvements and correct issues with false positives among other things.

We were able to achieve 50 – 60fps while rendering models of the shoes and driving custom shaders over the experience. The experience mapped 1:1 to the posters in the wild so when you scanned it looked like the poster came to life.

See it live

Scan this QR code with your phone, then scroll down to the next image.

Now scan this marker with the site open on your phone.