Adventure Ocean

Royal Caribbean was reimagining their Adventure Ocean space for Kids and tasked Firstborn with creating a series of games that would span the physical space and allow kids to go on a quest to collect the hidden keys of Barnacle Briggs and ultimately unlock his treasure chest.

We created 7 unique games that made use of Touchscreens & Kinects for gameplay, and deployed a scalable Arcade & Game server architecture as well as network infrastructure that allowed the Shipboard IT to manage and configure the system.

  • Technology
  • Unity
  • Electron
  • React
  • Websockets
  • Docker
  • Postgres

Octopus Island

Players go head to head vs a giant octopus who holds the key to the island. Players need to swipe to block crates & barrels and then tap and draw shapes to get starfish off of the screen.

Blizzard Island

Players find themselves climbing up a mountain to an abandoned camp where they must take chase of the key as it runs away on a sled. Users have to swipe to control a sled on snow, ice & air.

Goldmine Island

Players discover an old Goldmine where the key is on a runaway mine cart, they have to navigate a series of switch back tracks, jump over obstacles to catch up to the key to finally capture it.

Maze island

Indiana Jones meets Barnacle Briggs – Users must out run a number of giant rolling boulders and swipe in the direction of obstacles as they pop up in front of them.

Music Island

In this level players have to match the music and pop bubbles of different instruments as their ship approaches. If they successfully played the song correctly they were able to recover the key.

Jungle Island

A monkey is protecting this islands key, you have to match the poses of the monkey and outwit him in order to finally make him hand over the key. Each level got faster and more complicated with the combinations of poses.

Lava Island

Players have to surf up a lava flow in order to get to the key while dodging boulders by leaning left and right and jumping to avoid falling obstacles. This was a multiplayer game as well and players could bump each other and compete for high scores.

iOS App

When Corona Virus hit in early 2020 and the cruise industry had to halt service as the pandemic spread world wide we wanted kids to get a chance to enjoy the games so we decided to take the games and port them over to an iOS app. Taking desktop quality games and compressing them to work on iOS was no small feat but we were able to get it all working and launched Royal Caribbean Kids App, the first gaming application from Royal Caribbean.

You can play 4 of the games, Octopus Island, Maze Island, Goldmine Island and Blizzard Island.


But wait there’s more… 👀

If you’re interested in the technical aspects of the games and overall system architecture you can read more here.